We are currently only taking online orders for wire-writing pieces.

For all other inquiries, please connect with us directly via our contact page. If you have already contacted Doug and have an agreement in place, you may pay using the links below. 

The minimum order for wire-writing pieces is 5 items.  Each item can include 1 name (or word), 1 symbol (heart, star, cross, etc.), and either a picture holder ring behind the writing or a simple design in front.  Either way, the piece will stand on its own.


5-10 pieces: $15 each plus $10 shipping. (e.g. 7 pieces = $105 + $10 = $115)

11 or more pieces: $16 each - includes shipping.  (e.g. 13 pieces= $208) 



Simply click on one of the links below to pay.  If paying via credit card, use the PayPal link and you will have the option to select "credit card."  You can also pay using Venmo or CashApp.

With any of these methods you can send the payment to me using my email: doug@doughalper.com 


I recommend you send me your order through my email, doug@doughalper.com, first (or simply use the contact page) to confirm what you want and the price. Tell me 3 things about each piece:

1. Name (or word)

2. Symbol after it (if any)

3. If you wish the piece to be a photo holder or not (if not, it still stands up - it just doesn’t have the coil in the back to hold a photo.)

Example of the description of 5 pieces in an order:

1. Deborah, heart, photo

2. Michael, star, photo

3. Blessed, cross, no photo

4. Disney, Mickey Mouse, photo

5. Benjamin, flame, photo

If it has 2 names in one piece (Deborah, heart, Mike, photo) it simply counts as 2 pieces ($30). If it’s too confusing to figure out, simply contact me with your request and I will give you a custom quote.

IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE to let me know what address I am shipping the pieces to!  I ship most everything via USPS Priority Mail.  When I receive your order I will give you an ETA for the finished products. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thx for your interest - I’m so grateful folks love what I create. 

Doug  : )