We are currently only taking online orders for wire-writing pieces.

For all other inquiries please connect with us directly via our contact page. 

The minimum order for wire-writing pieces is 5 items.  Each item can include 1 name (or word), 1 symbol (heart, star, cross, etc.), and either a picture holder ring behind the writing or a simple design in front.  Either way, the piece will stand on its own.


5-10 pieces: $15 each plus $10 shipping. (e.g. 7 pieces = $105 + $10 = $115)

11 or more pieces: $16 each - includes shipping.  (e.g. 13 pieces= $208) 



Simply click on the link below to pay.  You can pay using your PayPal account or a credit card.  Both ways go through the PayPal system. The payment will automatically be sent to my PayPal account under the email doug@doughalper.com 


I recommend you send me your order through my email, doug@doughalper.com, first (or simply use the contact page) to confirm what you want and the price. Tell me 3 things about each piece:

1. Name (or word)

2. Symbol after it (if any)

3. If you wish the piece to be a photo holder or not (if not, it still stands up - it just doesn’t have the coil in the back to hold a photo.)

Example of the description of 5 pieces in an order:

1. Deborah, heart, photo

2. Michael, star, photo

3. Blessed, cross, no photo

4. Disney, Mickey Mouse, photo

5. Benjamin, flame, photo

If it has 2 names in one piece (Deborah, heart, Mike, photo) it simply counts as 2 pieces ($30). If it’s too confusing to figure out, simply contact me with your request and I will give you a custom quote.

IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE to let me know what address I am shipping the pieces to!  I ship most everything via USPS Priority Mail.  When I receive your order I will give you an ETA for the finished products. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thx for your interest - I’m so grateful folks love what I create. 

Doug  : )